Skulderna i världen har aldrig varit så höga som de är idag samtidigt som man trycker pengar för att hålla systemet igång. Guld och silver har varit en del av det monetära systemet under flera tusen år. De senaste dryga 40 åren har man dock valt att lämna dessa ädelmetaller utanför och det har medfört ökade skulder och ett ohållbart system.

Inflationen trendar uppåt (långt till målet 2%) samtidigt som lönerna verkar få en bättre utveckling

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As Bloomberg notes, the central bank’s preferred price gauge, excluding food and energy, rose 0.2 percent in October from the prior month.

September’s monthly gain was revised upward to 0.2 percent from 0.1 percent, making for the fastest consecutive increases since January and February.

Including all items, prices rose 1.6 percent from a year earlier following an upwardly revised 1.7 percent; the so-called core measure was up 1.4 percent for a second month.

Aktier och bonds samt kredit spreadar är extremt dyra samtidigt. Crazy

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As central banks cut back their quantitative easing, pushing up the premiums investors demand to hold longer-dated bonds, returns are “likely to be lower across assets” over the medium term, the analysts said. A second, less likely, scenario would involve “fast pain.” Stock and bond valuations would both get hit, with the mix depending on whether the trigger involved a negative growth shock, or a growth shock alongside an inflation pick-up.

Högre real ränta dämpar guldets prisutveckling

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In the chart below we plot Gold, the real 5-year yield (as calculated from the TIPS market) and the real Fed Funds Rate (rFFR). The US Treasury provides daily data of the real 5-year yield and we can see that it has trended higher since summer 2016 and is currently at its highest levels since Q1 2016. It has advanced nearly half a percent since its low a few months ago. Meanwhile, the rFFR has increased by more than 1% this year. That was after falling by nearly 2%.


Euro området gillar att handla med cash

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Cash made up around 79 percent of everyday payments across the euro area last year, according to a European Central Bank study. Almost a quarter of consumers also kept some cash at home as a precaution, and 20 percent said they had a high-denomination note – 200 euros ($237) or 500 euros – in their possession in the year before the survey was conducted.

As the study notes, the results “challenge the perception that cash is rapidly being replaced by cashless means of payment.”
The picture differs across the 19 member states though. Cash is most dominant in southern Europe, Germany, Austria and Slovenia, where it in accounts for 80 percent of all payment transactions at point-of-sale. That figures drops to 45-54 percent in the Netherlands, Estonia and Finland.

The study also found that many people don’t actually know their own payment habits. When asked how they prefer to pay, a larger share of respondents said card, not cash. That may be because nearly two-thirds of all transactions are below 15 euros, the report said. Purchases of coffee and lottery tickets don’t stick in the mind as much as, say, a new pair of shoes.

People mostly seem to remember the larger-value payments which they make less regularly, and tend to forget how frequently they make low-value payments on a daily basis.

The experience of some countries shows how things can change though. While contactless cards accounted for just 1 percent of payments across the euro area in 2016, the figure was almost 10 percent for the tech-savvy Netherlands. The authors of the study say that the small size of contactless payments  – 81 percent of transactions are below 25 euros – give the technology great potential.

This could have a significant impact on the use of cash for smaller-value payments. Especially given that respondents who prefer cash and those who prefer cards both appear to place importance on the transaction speed.

For those who prefer physical money though, an important question is where’s the nearest cash dispenser? The survey found that satisfaction with access to ATMs and banks for easy withdrawals was highest in tiny Cyprus and Malta, but a bit of a struggle in Latvia and Lithuania.


Stark tillströmning av nya Bitcoin konton

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The chart below shows the rate of change in bitcoin and the number of Coinbase users over the last four years (thanks to @alistairmilne for the user data).  Not surprisingly, as prices have surged, so too have the number of accounts.  In the last 12 months, as the price of bitcoin has increased more than ten-fold, the number of Coinbase users has increased from 4.9 million up to 13.1 million, for an increase of 167%.

Lyssna om guld och Bitcoin

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Crypto currencies versus precious metals; Bill, Jim and Dave discuss Bitcoin versus precious metals with Bix Weir and Clif High. A lively discussion not to be missed!

Ed Steer om situationen i silver

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For the current reporting week, the Big 4 are short 148 days of world silver production-and the ‘5 through 8’ large traders are short an additional 62 days of world silver production-for a total of 210 days, which is seven months of world silver production, or about 510.3 million troy ounces of paper silver held short by the Big 8. [In the COT Report last week, the Big 8 were short 203 days of world silver production.]

As I also stated in the above COT Report, Ted pegs JPMorgan’s short position at about 39,000 contracts, or around 195 million troy ounces, which is up about 35 million troy ounces from what they were short in last week’s COT Report. 195 million ounces works out to around 80 days of world silver production that JPMorgan is short. That’s compared to the 210 days that the Big 8 are short in total. JPM is short about 38 percent of the entire short position held by the Big 8 traders.

The two largest silver shorts on Planet Earth-JP Morgan and Canada’s Scotiabank-are short about 111 days of world silver production between the two of them-and that 111 days represents 75 percent of the length of the red bar in silver in the above chart…three quarters of it. The other two traders in the Big 4 category are short, on average, about 18.5 days of world silver production apiece, which is unchanged from last week — and the prior week. The four traders in the ‘5 through 8’ category are short, on average…15.5 days of world silver production each, which is up a hair from last week’s COT Report.

We as individuals have little or no control over the state of markets, all we can do is adapt to market realities. In the case of silver, the reality is that it is in the grip of a price manipulation. History shows that various world governments have often artificially set the price of silver and gold in connection with official monetary policies. However, for the past 35 years a specific type of price manipulation has existed in silver via futures contract positioning on the Commodities Exchange, Inc. (COMEX).

Nothing can be more significant than the fact that silver is manipulated. Whether to participate in a manipulated market is something everyone must decide. To me, the choice is easy. Virtually all price manipulations in history have been of the upside variety which caused prices to be higher than they should have been. Buying an asset priced artificially high is a surefire prescription for eventual financial loss. But because the manipulation in silver is of the rare downside variety, the price of silver is artificially low, thereby guaranteeing eventual profits for those taking advantage of the opportunity.

Please understand that if the bulk of the COMEX silver short position was held by hundreds or thousands of separate traders, there would be no manipulation possible and I wouldn’t contend otherwise. But the COMEX silver short position is held by very few traders and it is that concentration that equals price manipulation. Since there is no obvious explanation why just 4 and 8 large traders would be more heavily short silver than in any other commodity, away from seeking to cap and control prices, the most plausible conclusion is that they are protecting and continuing their perfect trading record scam.

Bubbel ekonomi

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The problem with bubbles is that they force one to decide whether to look like an idiot before the peak, or an idiot after the peak.’ John Hussman. (1962- ).




Lokala val på Sicilien borde skrämma EU anhängare 81% mot

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The Democratic Party has lost the regional elections in Sicily in a very DRAMATIC way. Renzi’s party came in third place with just 19% of the vote. The candidate, supported by Silvio Berlusconi, has won around 40%. I have written before that RELIABLE sources revealed that the EU had staged a coup in Italy to overthrow Berlusconi because he was proposing back then to exit the Euro.

Brussels refuses to listen and reform anything.  Berlusconi proudly announced: “Sicily has chosen the path of change, as I have demanded,” in his video message on Facebook. Sicily is one of the poorest provinces in Italy. Youth unemployment is alarmingly high and many people migrate out of lack of prospects to the north or abroad.

Små bensin drivna bilar släpper ut mindre än stora el bilar

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According to data from the Trancik Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Tesla Model S P100D saloon driven in the US midwest produces 226 grammes of carbon dioxide (or equivalent) per kilometre over its lifecycle — a significant reduction to the 385g for a luxury 7-series BMW. But the Mirage emits even less, at just 192g.  
Green cars graphics

CME på väg att införa future kontrakt för Bitcoin och därmed ges möjligheter att kontrollera priset som man gör med AU och AG

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Having taken a gamble on bitcoin futures, which are set to begin trading by the end of the year, the CME is now seeking to avoid the consequences of what has emerged as both the cryptocurrency’s best and worst selling point: its unprecedented volatility. To do that, the Chicago-based exchange will do what it does to virtually every other asset class traded under its roof, and impose limits on how much prices of bitcoin futures can fluctuate within a day.

While the CME already uses daily vol limits on most other markets, including crude, gold and market futures, to temporarily halt trading when price swings get out of
control, the CME has never before dealt with something like bitcoin, which in addition to being the world’s best performing asset classes in recent years, is also its most volatile. And, as the WSJ adds, it is also unclear how much impact CME’s limits will have on bitcoin, since its futures market has yet to emerge and most trading in the digital currency is on exchanges outside of CME’s control.


In any case, based on the CME’s preliminary term sheet, bitcoin trading limits would kick in when the price of its bitcoin futures move 7%, 13% or 20% up or down from the previous day’s closing price. The first two thresholds, for 7% and 13% moves, are “soft” limits, which would trigger a two-minute pause in trading of bitcoin futures. The 20% limit would be a “hard” stop on how far CME’s bitcoin futures could swing on any day. – Zerohedge


Från King World News

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Gold Update
We continue to mention a possibly favorable entry point in Gold, with the price continuing to consolidate just above what looks to be long-term support. It has not bounced the way we have hoped it would yet, but it remains interesting at these levels and could especially be a near-term trading option should the stock market finally pull back (see chart below).


Gold and Silver Index
The “technically interesting” label applies to the Gold and Silver Index, as well. It has pulled back to support from a line connecting the December 2016 and July 2017 lows and this could force the precious metals to bounce. Of course, caution would be heavily-advised if the index breaks below that support line (see chart below).


Guldproduktionen minskar samtidigt som efterfrågan fortsätter att vara stabil

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– Gold mining production in China fell by 9.8% in H1 2017 
– Decreasing mine supply in world’s largest gold producer and across the globe
– GFMS World Gold Survey predicts mine production to contract year-on-year
– Peak gold production being seen in Australia, world’s no 2 producer
– Peak gold production globally while global gold demand remains robust

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