Skulderna i världen har aldrig varit så höga som de är idag samtidigt som man trycker pengar för att hålla systemet igång. Guld och silver har varit en del av det monetära systemet under flera tusen år. De senaste dryga 40 åren har man dock valt att lämna dessa ädelmetaller utanför och det har medfört ökade skulder och ett ohållbart system.


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German economy shrank -10.1% in 2Q; more than expected.
German 10y yields drop to -0.53%, lowest since May after GDP slump.

CB fortsätter att netto köpa guld

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Central banks added a net of 39.8 tons of gold in May, according to the latest data from the World Gold Council. May purchases maintained the pace we’ve seen through the first four months of the year and was slightly above the four-month average of 35 tons.

So far in 2020, central banks have added a net of 181 tons of gold to their reserves. That’s about 31% lower than the total through the same period last year. The lower rate of purchases in 2020 was entirely expected given the strength of central bank buying both in 2018 and 2019.


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"Silver’s role as a valued investment was broadly on display during the first half of 2020, as investors actively accumulated silver in the first six months of the year…”


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The U.S. budget deficit totaled $863 billion in June, nearly as much as the entire gap for fiscal year 2019, as federal spending tripled to combat the coronavirus pandemic and tax revenues plunged, the Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday.
Miserable Economic Outlook Could Yield Record Gold Prices


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#Gold priced in money supply has just shown a nice golden cross. Last time when it happened in 2003 gold went up from 350$ to 1900$ #GotGold ?


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The world’s second-largest silver producer saw its mine supply fall by one-third due to lockdowns stemming from the global contagion.  When the Peru Ministry of Mines released its metals production figures last month for April, the country’s domestic silver mine supply fell by a stunning 74%.

Then on July 3rd, Peru released its production figures for May.  While the decline in Peru’s silver mine supply in May wasn’t as bad as April, it was still down 66% versus the same month last year.  Peru’s silver production fell to 85 metric tons (mt) in April and 116 mt in May:


The data from Peru’s May Mining Statistical Bulletin shows that during the first five months of 2020 (Jan-May), domestic silver production is down 485 mt, or 32%, compared to the same period last year.  Already, Peru has lost 15.6 million oz of silver production in 2020.

Köp AU och AG

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Secretary of State Pompeo told Fox News earlier in the day that the US was mulling the possibility of banning social media app TikTok in the US, but tonight Bloomberg reports that some top advisors have suggested the Washington should undermine the Hong Kong dollar’s peg to the US dollar.

According to people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reports that the idea of striking against the Hong Kong dollar peg - perhaps by limiting the ability of Hong Kong banks to buy U.S. dollars - has been raised as part of broader discussions among advisers to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo but hasn’t been elevated to the senior levels of the White House, suggesting that it hasn’t gained serious traction yet.


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The European Commission expects GDP to contract by 8.7% in the Eurozone this year, significantly deeper than 7.7% decline predicted in May.


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This is the largest gap between the top and bottom S&P 500 valuation quintiles since the dot-com bubble.


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Germany MAY FACTORY ORDERS M/M: 10.4% V 15.4%E; Y/Y: -29.3% V -24.0%E - Prior MoM revised lower from -25.8% to -26.2% - Prior YoY revised lower from -36.6% to -36.9%


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Red line is the June jobs survey week. (via @BetseyStevenson) #NFP

Too big to fail

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Just to put things into perspective: Combined mkt cap of #FANGMAN (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Nvidia) hit fresh ATH at $6.75tn, equal to combined GDP of Germany and the UK.


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Citi raised its gold price forecast this week. It now projects a three-month price of $1,825 per ounce and for the yellow metal to head into record territory in 2021. Citi analysts expect gold to eclipse the $2,000 mark early next year.

Citibank joins several other mainstream players that now project record gold prices in the coming months. Last week, we reported Goldman Sachs now forecasts record gold prices within the next 12 months and Bank of America released a note saying gold could break its US dollar record by the end of the year if it continues to breach key resistance levels.



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